Removing Glare with a Circular Polarizer Filter

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When photographing water, it can oftentimes be a good idea to tame the reflections with a circular polarizer filter. A circular polarizer is a filter that rotates on the front of your lens, allowing you to cut through reflections in water and glass. These examples show how different rotations of the filter can have varying effects on a scene.

This is my setup when photographing with a circular polarizer: a 105 Sigma filter attached to a Lee filter holder.This is my setup when photographing with a circular polarizer: a 105 Sigma filter attached to a Lee filter holder.

For this sunrise photograph of Trillium Lake, I wasn’t quite sure which version I would like better: the one with the full reflection showing in the water (left), or the one with a little bit of the lake peeking through (right). (Click on the photo to view larger.) In this case, I could probably go either way. I ended up selecting the image on the right to do a full process with…

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Want To Sell More Photos? Tell ‘Em A Story

I found that having a story with photos, does indeed help to sell them. Not all of my photos have amazing ones, but there are those that need to definitely have the stories handy. Who knows that once the person knows where the photo was taken, they might fill you in about their childhood memories about that place. This may help with sales, but even if it doesn’t, you have brightened that person’s day, by letting them tell you their story. Very fun 🙂

Photofocus (old site)

A photo is an experience, not an object.
A snapshot is a commodity.
Anyone with a phone these days can take a selfie and call it a “photo.”

In order to differentiate from the crowds, we photographers must become visual storytellers. We must make the photo an experience. If you are trying to make a living selling photos, then your job is to take something that is free (a selfie) and turn it into something worth paying for. (The same thing is true if you are simply competing for eyeballs on ViewBug, Flickr or 500px).

We are in the experience economy. How does Starbucks charge a premium for the same cup of coffee as the shop two doors down? They make the process of drinking a cup of coffee an experience where the thought of the cup of coffee is more powerful than the cup of coffee itself. Sorry…

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Beautiful Weekend + Etc.

  • Such a gorgeous weekend 5/23 – 5/26, the Ohio weather was awesome! Went to my grandma’s old orchard on Sunday – got some really nice pictures of the landscape there. Will work on them soon!


  • I also have scheduled a friend’s engagement shoot for 6/7 – 6/8 (one day, depends on what the weather is like over the other day).
  • Still working on the new business cards – really need to get those things out.

Enchanting 1939 Honeymoon Photos Discovered in Attic

Enchanting 1939 Honeymoon Photos Discovered in Attic


“Exactly 75 five years ago, Margaret and Denys Gardiner, two lovebirds on their honeymoon, were having the time of their lives touring the English countryside in their classic convertible. These enchanting and remarkably undamaged photos from August 1939 were thought to be lost, according to the couple’s grandson, Barney Britton, who discovered the photographic time capsule while cleaning out his grandmother’s attic. “The collection of almost 80 color slides was inside a small wooden box, and had been in my grandmother’s attic for at least 20 years,” Barney wrote. The photos were taken less than a month before World World II and capture the couple’s young and fancy free attitudes, Britton explains on his website. Take a trip back in time with these picturesque snapshots.”

-Good Morning America/Yahoo News