Lara White – Photography Business Secrets

Lara White – Photography Business Secrets

I originally got this book from the local library. When I got to chapter 3, I started to realize that I had taken notes on almost every page. I had to renew the other books, since they received no love, while I kept reading this one. So I thought it would be smart to just buy this book, and give some attention to the other books I borrowed; one was ok, the others, blah.

If you are thinking about any sort of business in photography, check out this book! It’s an easy read and she gives a ton of good information. I like how she doesn’t talk down to the reader (like I have experienced before with other books), and gives the pros and cons of everything. Without her, I would not have this blog – about to open my new website, received wonderful customers via networking, applied (and was accepted) by professional album-makers, etc.

This book really opened my eyes. Highly recommended!

PS. check out her and her husband’s photography, so beautiful.



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