A lot has been going on lately. The photos from the Engagement and Bunny shoots came out wonderful; very happy with the outcome. I have also ordered a bunch of 4×6’s and 8×10’s for the upcoming show in July.


I found out my booth number, it’s my favorite too! Lucky number 55! 🙂 Please come by and say Hello!

I also ordered a new batch of business cards – featuring the new logo, website, email.. there will be 3 different backs on them as well. One is for the business in general, the 2 others are from unique sessions I did these past few months. Very happy with this.

Next I have some other marketing tricks up my sleeve I am going to work on for this show.

I am also going to apply to Kent’s Art Show in a few days:                                                                                 http://www.kentparksandrec.com/annual-events/art-in-the-park


Weekend: 6/7-6/8/14, Full of Photoing!

What a great weekend!

Met with the bride and groom-to-be and took my first set of engagement photo; started at 6:30PM. The weather was perfect on Saturday! The first half were with their 2 dogs, funniness ensued. I got some great shots, and some blooper shots that I know they will enjoy. This was the first time I met “D” the groom, he and “M” are both fantastic! I could easily see the true love that they have for one another. I have known “M” since we were in elementary school – she, along with a few of our girlfriends – would chase the boys around the playground. I also have a picture of us at school at Halloween: I, a bunny – and “M” was a bride! I have to locate that picture!

I had a great time working with them, and got really beautiful pictures – that I am very happy about. The shoot lasted a lil over an hour and I headed home for the night.


On Sunday, the weather was not-so-happy: big thunderstorms along with downpours. I met my friend “MD” at her house, about 30min from where I live. She has 3 baby bunnies, from the 2 adult rabbits that she owns. She was a great help with the baby bunny photoshoot, thank you! We put them (safely) into various objects. If they seemed stressed: we’d pick them up, nuzzle them, and put them back in their basket. One in particular was star of the show, Sausage. He/She (still too early to sex them) let me take a bunch of shots, and was very comfortable in his teapot – where he did not want to come out! It was hilarious! The shoot went fantastic and I’m very excited about the photos.

I will be posting the pictures after the parties have seen them, so stay tuned! 🙂