3 Reasons You Need Photoshop with Lightroom

Photofocus (old site)

Lightroom is liberating and fun. It gave me back the results I used to get finishing my pictures in the dark room, plus several techniques that I never learned. It’s a great tool. It’s just not enough.

I still need photoshop to help me finish the visions I have for my imagery, and there are three things I need to do regularly that Lightroom just can’t make happen. That’s why I pay for the CreativeCloud photography plan from Adobe (by the way, Adobe is a partner on this blog, but I pay for my CC subscription out of my own pocket). These three make it more than worthwhile.

1. Swapping Heads

Lightroom isn’t like an onion: it doesn’t have layers. Layers in Photoshop allow me to make several photographs of a group of people and combine the exposures together for the best expression of everyone involved. I shoot using a…

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