Professional Color with Lightroom’s Camera Calibration

Photofocus (old site)

I started photography by shooting film in high school just before the turn of the century, and I don’t miss film one bit. It’s so wonderful to see a photograph on the back of the camera and see how the composition and the highlights are working, and then make changes.

I don’t know what I learned in school, but I learned it all again the first day I shot with a DSLR by looking at the LCD and making a change and trying again. It’s powerful, but if you shoot RAW it may be frustrating, too. The camera shows a JPEG preview, and that just doesn’t often look the same as the RAW image that shows up initially in Lightroom. Let me show you how to make your RAW images look like the previews on your camera, and then we’ll see a powerful way to make your colors really pop.


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