How to Become a Professional Photographer – Guest Post

Photofocus (old site)

Guest posts, don’t we all love them? Think of how refreshing it is to hear a new voice from the crowd! This is one of the ways that photographers can give back something inspirational, educational, or otherwise neat or fun. 

danette1Today, I’ve got the pleasure of sharing the wonderful words of Danette Chappell. She is an award winning wedding photographer based out of Las Vegas, NV.  She’s photographed over 2,000 weddings, been featured on numerous online publications and blogs including Forbes, One Wed, and WeddingWire, and also won the Wedding Industry Experts’ “Best Photographer in Las Vegas” award for 2013.

In her spare time she enjoys DIY projects, playing guitar and mandolin, obsessing over Apple products, and driving her Mini Cooper. She’s an awesome and fun goofball and I’ve found that she gets addicted to starting and voting for photos on some websites. 

– Mykii Liu

From Our Guest

Everyone is a photographer.  Don’t believe…

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