R&N’s Wedding – 3.21.2015


What a wonderful day! Congrats again to the new Mr. and Mrs. H!

I started the day early at 9:15am, my assistant arrived close to 11:00am at the church. Equipped with all of my lenses, flash, extra batteries, sheets, and my step-ladder! 😀 This is a very handy tool – it’s funny because my husband and I received it as a wedding gift two years ago, and I’ve used it for my photography quite often (it’s lightweight, easy to take down, and easy to carry). It helps with cool and interesting shots – but it was definitely going to be helpful on this day – as both families are much taller than I am!

The ladies makeup was just being finished up when I arrived, then they left to get their hair done at a local salon. While they were gone I took pictures of all of the dresses together – so beautiful! I was also able to get pictures of the Bride’s jewelry, shoes, and mementos: her grandmother’s necklace and her grandfather’s sixpence. All of the bouquets were there for me as well; all fabulous shades of blues and purples.

I was also able to get pictures of the Groom, the Groomsmen, the two Ushers, and the cute little Junior Bridesmaid arrived around that time as well.

My assistant also helped with the first seeing of the Bride by her Father – it was so sweet!

The ceremony started at 2:30pm and ended around 3:00pm, it was beautiful! After the Bride and Groom visited everyone with hugs and kisses, we stuck around at the church and took photos of all of the families and wedding parties together in one form or another; the Groom’s Mom was a great help with making sure that we got everything from our list.

Everyone was cracking up the whole time, it was so much fun! (I laughed so much 🙂 )

After that we headed outside. Unfortunately the weather was far from perfect: it was nice that it wasn’t raining, but it was very chilly (low 50’s F, around 10 C) and it was soo very windy. The ground was fairly muddy behind the church, where the Bride wanted to take other pictures – so we had to stick to the pavement. It actually worked out perfectly – we had to re-imagine certain shots to make them suitable for pavement and they came out fantastic! We took a lot of shots then ran inside for warmth.

The reception hall is in a city 30min south of the church, (I did go the day before to take pictures of the tables and decor, so that helped) so we headed there and found our tables. I got my step-ladder ready for when they announced the bridal parties and the Bride and Groom; they then made their way to their tables. We all ate after that, very yummy choices! From there, were the first dances, and an anniversary dance to start off the dancing party!

The wedding cake was so cool! It was made of large cake-pops that flowed down via layers and colors (light purple, to a dark purple). On top there was a little cake for the Bride and Groom to cut, and on top of that were two little cake-pops decorated: a little wedding dress on one, a little tux on the other. I’ve never seen such a cake before – it was beautiful and so very tasty!

The night for me ended at 9:00pm – with pictures of people doing various dances, it was hilarious! I also was able to get some more pictures of different people, looking so very happy.

Thank you again R&N for letting me a part of your special day! ❤


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