4.18.15 – Avant-Garde Show in Fairlawn, Ohio

I cannot believe it’s been a week since the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows in Fairlawn! Thank you everyone for coming! The show saw many shoppers and I’m very happy with my first-time being a vendor there 🙂 Thanks again!

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Finessing a Post-Crop Vignette in Lightroom

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Vignettes are a two edged sword, and many of us fall to their siren song. Vignettes can really make your photographs look masterfully finished, but they can easily be applied too heavily and overshadow the real subject of the image. Right now I’ll show you my favorite way to control Post-Crop Vignettes in the Effects tab.

This article is adapted from our book, Develop Great Images Adobe Photoshop Lightroom available on iTunes and PDF for all devices.

Post-Crop Vignette for the Finished Crop

The name Post-Crop Vignettes used to confuse me, but then I learned that it’s differentiate from the lens vignetting available in the Lens Corrections tab. That vignette is applied always to the original full size image, and if you’ve cropped half the picture away, only half the remaining image will get the vignette. Our Post-Crop Vignette is applied to the image you see, no matter the crop…

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Say Hello to the NEW Adobe Lightroom CC!

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This morning Adobe announced a major update to Lightroom! The new version is called Lightroom CC, and is a part of the Creative Cloud. (For those of you not interested in using the Creative Cloud subscription service, it can still be downloaded as a standalone application, Lightroom 6.)

The new update comes with some very much anticipated improvements, so let’s take a look at some of the most impressive new feature’s inside of Lightroom CC:

HDR Merge

Yes! Finally! We can merge HDR images inside of Lightroom! Photoshop is no longer a requirement, which makes the process faster and easier than having to go back-and-forth between the two programs. Here’s a little bit more about the new HDR merge feature:

  • Background processing: Have a lot of HDR files to process? No problem! One of the best parts about HDR merging is that it happens as a process in the background. You select…

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See me this Saturday!

This event will feature a variety of different vendors, including myself 🙂


St. George’s Fellowship Centre
3204 Ridgewood Rd.
Fairlawn, OH 44333

Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm — PARKING: FREE!
ADMISSION: $3.00, Children Under 12 are Free! A portion of all proceeds will be donated to http://www.campqualityusa.org/oh/

First Quarter is over: Have you registered your photos?

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In the beginning of the year I wrote, “Have You Created Your 2015 Metadata Copyright Preset?” reminding us to update our copyright information for the New Year.  This quick tip made sure we added our copyright information to every photo we imported into Lightroom.  Our next step to protect our images is to register them with the Library of Congress. Lightroom makes this final process just as fast and easy.

I thought my images were already protected?

The moment you capture an image, you automatically own the copyright of the image.  If someone violates that right by using your image without your consent, you can take legal action. However, you need to register your image before a judge will hear the case. Let me stop for a moment and say I’m not a Lawyer, I am a photographer. I received this information over the years from reliable sources…

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