So Much Photoing!

Cleveland Zoo (6/27/15) —
Two weekends ago, my mom and I made a trip to the Cleveland Zoo.
We were warned on the news about the huge rain storm that was covering NE Ohio, but we ventured forth. The drive was not bad, and supplied with our umbrellas – only encountered a little drizzling here and there. We did get caught in the storm later in the day – we had to (lol) take cover at the nearby “Ben and Jerry’s” building and ate ice cream while waiting out the worst of it. It was terrible.. hehehe! It worked out really well too! Since it was done by the time we were finished eating. Throughout the day: when it did start to rain heavier, we would head into the different animal buildings, and by the time we got out – it had stopped raining.

The only animals that I didn’t get to see, do to the rain being on and off – were the elephants and giraffes; will get their photos another day.
I did get shots that I’m really happy with! Successful trip in many ways!

Last (extended) weekend (7/2 – 7/4) —
7/2 – I found some need critters (bugs) on the flowers and plants in our garden at home after dinner. Got really nice shots; I love little bugs.

7/3 – More fun shots of little bugs in the evening; fireflies and the lil katydid from the night before. Plus husband found me a lil tree frog; it was so cute! It was about ———– big.  Of course we had to have a photoshoot!

7/4I met M&D for their Maternity shoot at a local park. The weather was finally perfect for their shoot! (the weekend of the zoo, was too rainy that Sunday, so had to postpone it.) They looked so happy! We had a great time and the park was beautiful.  Congrats again on your little baby girl! ❤

Later that night I messed with my camera: used my tripod, low ISO, slow shutter speed/long exposure, manual focus, and was able to get amazing firework shots! I’ve never been able to capture them before, so very excited! Yay! Happy 4th of July!

Great photoing these past 2 weekends!  – Now I have a lot of photos to go through, hahaha!
I love it tho! 😀


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