Show update and the rest of August

Thank you everyone for making this year’s Akron Arts Expo a huge success! I had a blast!
Plus I saw some friends and family that I haven’t seen in a long time – it was great!

Sunday, July 26th, saw a large downpour on us and our lil tents.
It was during a time that some members of my dad’s side, and my mom’s side both happened to be in my tent at the same time.
Then the lil rain turned into a huge mess; my tent’s canopy started getting full of big pools of water and FAST – had to knock the mini-lakes off or my tent and artwork would have been ruined!

My friend was there, taking a break from his tent, and suggested a stick or something to use to knock the water off from the inside. I looked around and noticed that my great aunt had her cane with her, with a rubber-bottom.
So my great uncle took the cane, pushed the top of the tent, while I stood on a chair and bushed the pools of water off of the tent.
While we did that: my mom, grandma, aunt, and great aunt got out their tissues/whatever and started to dry off my photos (they were protected by a plastic sleeve, but they were still pretty wet) But it was hilarious!!
30min later the rain stopped and became so much more HUMID than it was before.

Next Week: August 21-22nd
L&P’s wedding! On Friday the 21st, I will be taking photos at their rehearsal dinner of family and friends. Then the next day, is their big day! I met them at the Chagrin Falls Show (Art by the Falls) in June; I’m so excited!!

August 28th – Family photo shoot at one of the Parks in Akron! Can’t wait to meet the little ones!
Fun times ahead!



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