Children Session

The session went really well! We met at 5:30PM at a beautiful local golf course, where my client works. She brought along her niece and little nephew for the session. The weather was perfect! There was a total of 3 adults (including me) and it sometimes took all 3 of us to get the little boy’s attention for the photos (he will be 2 in the fall) – we were laughing so hard on and off throughout the session! We’d ask the little girl to kiss her little brother, which she did – but then would pull him down to the ground and fall on top of him. After a while of this, (and us tell her not to do that..) he was done with it – so we quickly changed gears for the both of them so there wouldn’t be any tears. It was really cute seeing the little boy get excited about the golf cart, and both kids “drove” away in their own cart.

It was a fun evening 🙂
I got great shots! I can’t wait to show the client and her family this weekend!


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