Family Session

My assistant and I reached Everett Bridge early to check the area out (permit obtained). As we got out of the car we noticed an extended-family all wearing red, with 2 little dogs; our client and her family had gotten to the area early as well! After both sets of people checked out the spots, we decided it would be best to start early due to the impending doom of Ohio’s weather.

Got excellent group shots of everyone in front of the bridge, then paired up different people. We then ventured away from the bridge a little bit, to the river below for more shots. Lastly we headed back up to the bridge area, and went to the right of it – for there was a little trail with purple/white flowers on both sides – so beautiful! We felt a little rain then, but then it stopped to our relief.

We ended at a little section away from the bridge – it was squared off under a little grove of trees and had the same purple/white flowers.
Everyone had a great time and got fantastic  shots! The area and weather was perfect for a beautiful family session.

Thanks everyone! We had a great time!


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