Next Family Session

 The family session went very well yesterday! The elements decided to test us however.. we were just about to turn into the gate for Cascade Valley – but Chuckery Area/Trail and it was blocked off. (only way to the giant signal tree) 😦

I called the Ranger’s Office as the park knew that we were coming via my permit – was very curious what happened… Turns out that the huge storms that we had all over on Thursday, 2 days prior (hit me in Stark County, and apparently at this park in Summit County too), knocked a whole mess of power lines onto the ground; they had no idea when it was to open again, until Ohio Edison could fix it.

So plan B!

Thankfully the Oxbow trail of Cascade was right around the corner. It was already over 80 degrees by 10:30/11:00am, but we did well with going in and out of the shade and staying hydrated.

There were 3 of us adults, and their little one; almost a year old. (such a sweetheart overall and for the camera) For the baby, I had a lil blowup monkey that I made dance on my head, while I took pictures – got the biggest grins from her. 🙂

We got fantastic shots and were still able to be near the large river for some photos. The day was gorgeous and the tree canopies of the trails blocked a lot of the harsh sunrays – so beautiful!

Had a great time and very excited about the pictures – going through them now.

Thank you everyone!


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