Photoing Weekend!

Very excited to announce that I have 2 sessions this weekend!

Saturday: 7/30/2016 – Engagement Session for a Wedding that I will be doing in May 2017. We are going to go to Brandywine and Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley!

Sunday: 7/31/2016 – Family Session involving my favorite pooch model, Chevy,  (you can see previous photos of him in my gallery) and his awesome owners, at Wingfoot Lake State Park.

So far the weather seems to be cooperating, hope it continues to do so – this weekend is going to be a lot of fun 😀


Engagement Session

Beautiful weather for the Engagement Session last Saturday, June 25th. (it was pretty darn hot tho!)

The cicadas were very loud as we walked to the ledges of Virginal Kendall (part of the Cuyahoga Valley here in NE Ohio) for beautiful shots! The ledges overlook the park, and is quite a drop down! So cool looking!

I had a great time with the couple 🙂 The groom-to-be was making the bride-to-be giggle so much, I got great candid shots – they are so cute.

Thank you for a such a great time! Congratulations again!