Final Days of 2016

Been pretty busy lately with this and that.

Successful Halloween/Fall Session with my son on 10.22.16

Took his 3-month photos on 11.13.16 – these pictures were also used for our family Holiday cards. The location was the same as the previous photos; our livingroom floor. I put him in a onesie that resembles a little blue tux – comes complete with a button-on bowtie; incredibly cute. He was placed on a white blanket on the floor and we were all set! He was grinning and cooing at the camera the whole time; was so proud of him. We had to take a few mini-breaks because I could not believe how well the session was going- him giving me smiles bigger than the previous ones, had to stop and give him kisses. So happy!

Next weekend I’m taking photos at the famous site in Akron, Stan Hywet. It costs over a hundred dollars to be allowed to take commercial photos there (2 hrs) ! I’m very lucky to have clients willing and wanting to do their Engagement pictures so badly here, that they paid for it. (it was their idea for the site too) I’ve never gotten the chance to take photos here, so I’m honored and excited to do so!

The weekend after that is a local Wedding on the 2nd. The venue is very charming and retro – so beautiful! Looks victorian too. The wedding is towards evening but I will start taking photos of the Bride in the afternoon. Thank you for choosing me; I cannot wait to capture your special day! Had a blast with the couple in August for their Engagement Session (will post those soon).

I’ll probably snap photos of my boy as it gets closer to Christmas, with Christmas-themed photos too. I’m lucky that he loves the camera so much!

Great way to end the year 🙂 Thanks again everyone!


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