Final Days of 2016

Been pretty busy lately with this and that.

Successful Halloween/Fall Session with my son on 10.22.16

Took his 3-month photos on 11.13.16 – these pictures were also used for our family Holiday cards. The location was the same as the previous photos; our livingroom floor. I put him in a onesie that resembles a little blue tux – comes complete with a button-on bowtie; incredibly cute. He was placed on a white blanket on the floor and we were all set! He was grinning and cooing at the camera the whole time; was so proud of him. We had to take a few mini-breaks because I could not believe how well the session was going- him giving me smiles bigger than the previous ones, had to stop and give him kisses. So happy!

Next weekend I’m taking photos at the famous site in Akron, Stan Hywet. It costs over a hundred dollars to be allowed to take commercial photos there (2 hrs) ! I’m very lucky to have clients willing and wanting to do their Engagement pictures so badly here, that they paid for it. (it was their idea for the site too) I’ve never gotten the chance to take photos here, so I’m honored and excited to do so!

The weekend after that is a local Wedding on the 2nd. The venue is very charming and retro – so beautiful! Looks victorian too. The wedding is towards evening but I will start taking photos of the Bride in the afternoon. Thank you for choosing me; I cannot wait to capture your special day! Had a blast with the couple in August for their Engagement Session (will post those soon).

I’ll probably snap photos of my boy as it gets closer to Christmas, with Christmas-themed photos too. I’m lucky that he loves the camera so much!

Great way to end the year 🙂 Thanks again everyone!


Busy Weekend Ahead!

The family session last Sunday was a lot of fun! It was great working with you again! The pictures are coming along awesomely! Chevy, you always crack me up! (he’s the corgi-pooch – check out my photos of him from 2 years ago!)

This weekend is another busy one – yaay! —

Engagement photos tomorrow evening, 8/5/2016, for a Wedding I’m doing in December. Congrats! Going to be a lot of fun! The weather is going to be perfect. Then Saturday night (8/6) my husband and I are getting *our* photos taken on our Maternity session – very excited about that. Haven’t had pictures done since our wedding 3 years ago.

Sunday afternoon I’m photoing a Family session – their family has grown with the addition of their cute little baby boy very-recently. (congratulations!) I’m very excited to photo their little one and getting family photos with him. (I shot their Engagement and Wedding photos last spring – 2015)


Photoing Weekend!

Very excited to announce that I have 2 sessions this weekend!

Saturday: 7/30/2016 – Engagement Session for a Wedding that I will be doing in May 2017. We are going to go to Brandywine and Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley!

Sunday: 7/31/2016 – Family Session involving my favorite pooch model, Chevy,  (you can see previous photos of him in my gallery) and his awesome owners, at Wingfoot Lake State Park.

So far the weather seems to be cooperating, hope it continues to do so – this weekend is going to be a lot of fun 😀

Engagement Session

Beautiful weather for the Engagement Session last Saturday, June 25th. (it was pretty darn hot tho!)

The cicadas were very loud as we walked to the ledges of Virginal Kendall (part of the Cuyahoga Valley here in NE Ohio) for beautiful shots! The ledges overlook the park, and is quite a drop down! So cool looking!

I had a great time with the couple 🙂 The groom-to-be was making the bride-to-be giggle so much, I got great candid shots – they are so cute.

Thank you for a such a great time! Congratulations again!

Next Family Session

 The family session went very well yesterday! The elements decided to test us however.. we were just about to turn into the gate for Cascade Valley – but Chuckery Area/Trail and it was blocked off. (only way to the giant signal tree) 😦

I called the Ranger’s Office as the park knew that we were coming via my permit – was very curious what happened… Turns out that the huge storms that we had all over on Thursday, 2 days prior (hit me in Stark County, and apparently at this park in Summit County too), knocked a whole mess of power lines onto the ground; they had no idea when it was to open again, until Ohio Edison could fix it.

So plan B!

Thankfully the Oxbow trail of Cascade was right around the corner. It was already over 80 degrees by 10:30/11:00am, but we did well with going in and out of the shade and staying hydrated.

There were 3 of us adults, and their little one; almost a year old. (such a sweetheart overall and for the camera) For the baby, I had a lil blowup monkey that I made dance on my head, while I took pictures – got the biggest grins from her. 🙂

We got fantastic shots and were still able to be near the large river for some photos. The day was gorgeous and the tree canopies of the trails blocked a lot of the harsh sunrays – so beautiful!

Had a great time and very excited about the pictures – going through them now.

Thank you everyone!

Family Session

My assistant and I reached Everett Bridge early to check the area out (permit obtained). As we got out of the car we noticed an extended-family all wearing red, with 2 little dogs; our client and her family had gotten to the area early as well! After both sets of people checked out the spots, we decided it would be best to start early due to the impending doom of Ohio’s weather.

Got excellent group shots of everyone in front of the bridge, then paired up different people. We then ventured away from the bridge a little bit, to the river below for more shots. Lastly we headed back up to the bridge area, and went to the right of it – for there was a little trail with purple/white flowers on both sides – so beautiful! We felt a little rain then, but then it stopped to our relief.

We ended at a little section away from the bridge – it was squared off under a little grove of trees and had the same purple/white flowers.
Everyone had a great time and got fantastic  shots! The area and weather was perfect for a beautiful family session.

Thanks everyone! We had a great time!

Children Session

The session went really well! We met at 5:30PM at a beautiful local golf course, where my client works. She brought along her niece and little nephew for the session. The weather was perfect! There was a total of 3 adults (including me) and it sometimes took all 3 of us to get the little boy’s attention for the photos (he will be 2 in the fall) – we were laughing so hard on and off throughout the session! We’d ask the little girl to kiss her little brother, which she did – but then would pull him down to the ground and fall on top of him. After a while of this, (and us tell her not to do that..) he was done with it – so we quickly changed gears for the both of them so there wouldn’t be any tears. It was really cute seeing the little boy get excited about the golf cart, and both kids “drove” away in their own cart.

It was a fun evening 🙂
I got great shots! I can’t wait to show the client and her family this weekend!